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Friends of Soos Creek Park
Friends of Soos Creek Park is a non-profit organization comprised of volunteer members who take a pro-active role in preserving and extending the Soos Creek Trail Park and who sponsor and lead park clean-ups and interpretive walks for public education about the importance of wetlands specifically and undisturbed nature generally.

A Prized Wetland
Soos Creek Park is one of south King County's prized wetland habitats. This active salmon spawing stream begins its journey in the Cascade area above Renton and runs south, eventually entering the Green River by Highway 18. The trail follows the creek through cattail marshes, forested swamps, wet meadows and willow thickets. This special wetland system offers a wonderful diversity of plant life surrounding protected areas of water, open waters of ponds and swift moving waters of the main channel. This variety provides the components necessary for breeding, nesting and feeding of wildlife. Over 100 species of birds utilize the Soos Creek corridor, including the great horned owl. pileated woodpecker and wood duck. Mammals such as the black-tailed deer, coyote, river otter, and flying squirrel live in the area of Soos Creek.

A Rich History
The Soos Creek bears the Skopamish Indian name for the village that was located at its mouth on the Green River. Early settlers spelled the name Suise, and pronounced the same as Soos. From the mid- to late- 1800's, most of the land in the Soos Creek area was owned by the Northern Pacific Railroad. By the turn of the century, large logging companies purchased and logged the timber. These lands were then sold to settlers who raised fruits and vegetables. In the 1970's, significant portions of the corridor along Soos Creek were acquired by the King County Park System. Currently, 500 acres of the corridor are protected under Park ownership. Soos Creek Park follows the Soos Creek from Meeker Jr. High on 192nd Street, south to Lake Meridian. An 8-mile paved trail runs north to south along the creek.

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